February 21, 2024
COP28: transformational multilateralism?


February 21, 2024
COP28: transformational multilateralism?

Online webinar – February 21, 2024

A presentation of the Office of Religious Congregations for Integral Ecology, the English-speaking constellation of the UISG & the Canadian Religious Conference.

COP28 : transformational multilateralism?
National webinar, online, with simultaneous translation
Wednesday February 21, 2024,
from 11:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.  (EST)

Context and presentation

COP28 : transformational multilateralism?

Join us for a presentation and discussion led by Genevieve Gallant, Executive Director of ORCIE (Office of Religious Congregations for Integral Ecology) following her participation as COP28 delegate. How do the international negotiations to address climate change work? Are they focused on concrete and cohesive policies to protect our Common Home? What’s next and how can religious congregations be a part of the push for integral ecology?


No registration is required to participate in this webinar.  On February 21, use this link:


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