St. Kateri Tekakwitha Parish, Winnipeg, MB


St. Kateri Tekakwitha Parish, Winnipeg, MB

At the St. Kateri Tekakwitha Parish in Winnipeg, since Wednesday, 1st September, we have been centering on the “Season of Creation.”  On that day, we had a special ceremony which was opened with a “pipe ceremony” and had as a reading one of the visions of Nicholas Black Elk. This vision was that of our connectedness with all of creation and all of humankind. The vision was that of the cross at the centre of the circle of life… in other words,  all the “links” emanated from Creator the centre of all life. The prayers and reflections were on healing and forgiveness.


The last two Sundays, were centered on Water and Fire. At the beginning of Mass, we had a “water ceremony” which was celebrate at the baptismal font. The next Sunday we had an elder who led the a “fire ceremony”. The parishioners assembled in a circle at the front of the church building.


On Sunday, September 19th, Fr. Ken was officiating at Sunday Mass. The theme was ”the Earth.” Parishioners brought produce which was taken to the altar at offertory. The produce was then donated to a soup kitchen. This Mass was livestreamed.


On Thursday September 30th, the day of “Truth and Reconciliation” Archbishop Richard Gagnon has chosen to come to our Parish to celebrate Mass. This Mass will also be livestreamed.


This is the third year that our Parish is celebrating the “Season of Creation”. There is so much to do in terms of reconciliation among ourselves, with our neighbors and our Mother Earth we are going to continue to prepare and offer events and sessions which we hope to bring us to an openness to the Spirit of Compassion and Forgiveness.