Recovering Together Campaign


Recovering Together Campaign

Dear campaigner,

We have been living in extraordinary times these last few months and we hope that you and your loved ones are safe and healthy.

Normally at this time of year, you would be receiving a kit about our upcoming Education and Action campaign. This year, due to COVID-19, we will not be printing or distributing materials. Instead, we are reaching out to you virtually to let you know about our new campaign: Recovering Together!

Through this campaign, we invite you to be part of a global just recovery to the pandemic that moves us towards a more sustainable and equitable future.

The pandemic has highlighted how vulnerable and interconnected everyone is. If we do not take care of one another, starting with the least, with those who are most impacted, including creation, we cannot heal the world. – Pope Francis, August, 12, 2020.

We have prepared several resources for you that you can download and print based on your needs, local safety guidelines and the activities planned in your parish, school or community. These materials will be available in the Resources section of our website as of September 12th, the date of our campaign launch!

In these special times, your ongoing support gives us hope that we can recover together, so that all can live in dignity.

Thank you for taking part in our campaign!

Get started!

Read our Campaign Guide

We invite you to learn all about our campaign by consulting our Campaign Guide.  Discover the theme, learn how to take action and explore ways to raise funds for our projects and partners, who need our support more than ever.

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Webinar on September 12th, 3 pm EST

Join us for our Campaign Launch!

Join us for a special campaign launch, where we will explore the meaning of a just recovery and reveal our campaign web page and its content.  Your local animators will also reach out to you to participate in regional virtual workshops.

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