Discover Kenya Parishes

An international group of Oblates continues to oversee and further the mission in Kenya initiated by the Canadian Oblates in 1995

Parish Ministry is a very demanding and vibrant part of the OMI Kenya Mission. Perhaps we can summarise our objectives in this way: working with those we serve, we nurture and develop people’s relationship with God by…



  1. building community spirit and inter-community support
    (Small Christian Communities and Oblate Lay Associates);
  2. caring for those in distress (emergency support);
  3. empowering children
    (education, Sunday school);
  4. strengthening and challenging our youth
    (seminars, initiation camps, sport, competitions, counselling);
  5. encouraging our Elders
    (visitations, community outreach); and
  6. involvement in managing and leading the parish
    (Parish Council, ministries of Catechist, choir, youth patrons, liturgy, groups).

Common Ministries in the parishes include:

  1.  CWA: Catholic Women’s Association
  2. CMA: Catholic Men’s Association
  3. SCC: Small Christian Communities (approx. 90)
  4. RCIA: Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults
  5. YCS: Young Christian Students
  6. Catholic Charismatic Renewal
  7. Church choirs
  8. Youth groups
  9. Sunday school (PMC)
  10. Altar servers
  11. Focolare
  12. Liturgical Dancers
  13. Catechists