You may be visiting this page because you or someone you know has suffered abuse, perhaps at the hands of an Oblate priest or brother. Perhaps you are angry or hurt over the lack of accountability and transparency of Church leaders.


Admitting to yourself or others that you were abused can be very difficult.


Sometimes we feel trapped in fear, anger, guilt … the thought that no one will believe us, that no one can understand or help.

Maybe you have experienced things of which you are deeply ashamed, and you are looking for a way to free yourself from this burden.


Perhaps you suspect someone else may be a victim of abuse.


This can leave us unsure and conflicted, wondering where to turn for help.

The first steps

The first words might be the hardest,
but they can be said.


Talk to someone you trust.


One phone call or email can break
the cycle of silence.


If you, or someone you know, is in immediate danger, please call your local police.

Email us at to help you take the first step.


A professional non-Oblate counsellor will answer and be ready to help you.

responsibility in
our ministry

OMI Lacombe Canada holds its members to
the highest ethical standards. To view our
policy, please click on the link below.