A Prayer for COP26


A Prayer for COP26

Norah McMahon a parishioner of St. Joseph’s, an Oblate parish in Ottawa, initiated an effort there to surround the upcoming COP26 meetings (Oct. 31-Nov. 12) in Glasgow, with prayer.

Norah’s vision – is that we each in our own way pray in union with earth for earth and for the success of COP26.  We can do this by regarding earth as our relation/relative and praying a prayer for the earth each day until the end of COP26.  The link below contains a few prayers to get you started; you can use any prayer that is meaningful to you or just pray right from your heart.

I invite all of you to do this and to share with your friends, families, contacts and networks to get a wave of prayer going.  It could be like a loving embrace of prayer for our common home as well as for all those making or seeking to influence in a good way decisions regarding the future of the Earth.

We also include this posting from the St. Joe’s website last week entitled “Release the energy of our love for Earth and surround the UN Climate Conference (COP26) with prayer”.  There are also links to other good resources: Release the energy of our love for earth and surround the UN Climate Conference (COP26) with prayer | St. Joseph’s Parish (st-josephs.ca)