Our Mission

We are a missionary Congregation. Our principal service in the Church is to proclaim Christ and his Kingdom to the most abandoned. We preach the Gospel among people who have not yet received it and help them see their own values in its light. Where the Church is already established, our commitment is to those groups it touches least. Constitutions and Rules #5


Our Mission Statement

Disciples of Jesus, with the heart of Mary Immaculate, sons and daughters of Eugene de Mazenod, we are called to be Oblate missionaries in this time and place.

As daring members of the prophetic Church, we stand with the voiceless, hearing and making heard their cry, which is a cry to God who brings down the powerful and lifts up the lowly.

In so doing, we risk finding ourselves among the marginalized of our community, our society and our church, taking our place among the poor and powerless, walking with those who, like us, hold within themselves tremendous beauty, strengths and gifts as well as weaknesses, brokenness and limitations, that together we may help one another experience the love of God, so we may be healed and give of ourselves in the service of the continuous unfolding of the reign of God within creation.