Eugene de Mazenod 101


Eugene de Mazenod 101

Leaving Nothing Undared with St. Eugene de Mazenod

A four-part enrichment series focused on the life, spirituality, and mission of St. Eugene de Mazenod, founder of the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate, who also inspired the formation of a charism family of laity around the world.

The series consists of a weekly invitation to experience St. Eugene through prayer, through the example of his life, and his writings. Resources for personal or group reflection and prayer will be available to class participants.


1. To help you to gain a deeper knowledge of the life of St. Eugene de Mazenod.

2. To assist you to understand the charism, mission, and spirituality of St. Eugene de Mazenod.

3. To see in him and his Mazenodian spirituality a model of holiness that can enrich your life

4. For members of the Mazenodian Family to be inspired to discover their individual vocation within their specific branch of the Mazenodian Family.

Registration FREE, but must RSVP

This series is offered by the Kusenberger Chair of Oblate Studies as a free service to the Mazenodian Family and other interested parties. However, its production incurs a cost, and any donations are welcomed and appreciated.

For information or to register by phone, contact Continuing Ed at or (210) 341-1366 EXT 325


Part 1: Daring to Listen to God’s Call (October 2021)

Lecture 1 (October 4): Eugene’s Childhood

Lecture 2 (October 11): Eugene’s experience of exile

Lecture 3 (October 18): Eugene’s return to Aix-en-Provence

Lecture 4 (October 25): Eugene’s journey towards the Cross

Part 2: Daring to Share an Experience of God with Others (November-December 2021)

Lecture 1 (November 15): How Eugene discerned his response to God

Lecture 2 (November 22): Eugene’s seminary experience and ordination to the priesthood

Lecture 3 (November 29): Ministering to the poor and most abandoned in Aix

Lecture 4 (December 6): Discerning a future amidst crisis

Part 3: Daring New Ways to Reach People’s Hearts (February 2022)

Lecture 1 (February 7): Founding of the Missionaries of Provence

Lecture 2 (February 14): Ministries of the first missionaries

Lecture 3 (February 21): The Congregation threatened

Lecture 4 (February 28): Roman Approval

Part 4: Leaving Nothing Undared (March-April 2022)

Lecture 1 (March 14): Eugene as Bishop of Marseilles

Lecture 2 (March 21): A Heart as Big as the World: the Foreign Missions

Lecture 3 (March 28): The Final Years of the Father of the Family

Lecture 4 (April 4): Today’s Legacy

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