Faithful Election Conversation Video Link


Faithful Election Conversation Video Link

On September 1,  Martin Luther University’s Centre for Public Ethics, the Baha’i Community of Canada, Citizens for Public Justice and Centre Oblat – A Voice for Justice, sponsored the event, Faithful Election Conversation 2021.  It was a thoughtful exchange between representatives of Canada’s four major parties on several key issues of particular interest to Canada’s faith communities – Indigenous Reconciliation, Climate Justice, Poverty, and Xenophobia, including racial and religious intolerance.

The goals were to elevate our political discourse, focus the conversation on issues of public concern, and create a resource for citizens to use over the coming days as they engage in deliberation about the upcoming vote.  To that end, here is the link to a recording of the event which has been posted to YouTube:

Video – Faithful Election Conversation 2021

The topics were introduced by four experts. They are listed below to help guide your viewing.

  • Indigenous Reconciliation (Approximately 6:00) – introduced by Niigaan Sinclair, University of Manitoba
  • Climate Justice (Approximately 23:00) – introduced by Flossie Baker, Faith Sector Organizer, Climate Emergency Unit
  • Poverty and Inequality – (Approximately 37:00)- introduced by Natalie Appleyard, Citizens for Public Justice
  • Xenophobia – (Approximately 52:00) – introduced by Akaash Maharaj, former CEO, Mosaic Institute

The four political representatives were: Charlie Angus (New Democratic Party); Garnett Genuis (Conservative Party); Elizabeth May (Green Party); and John McKay (Liberal Party).