In which Residential Schools did the Oblates work?

The Oblates administered and worked in Residential schools in much of Canada. Below is a list of the 48 schools in which the Oblates worked and the years the Oblates were the administrators in each school.

Assumption Assumption, AB 1951-1969
Blue Quills Lac La Biche/Saddle Lake/St. Paul, AB 1931-1969
Crowfoot/St. Joseph Cluny, AB 1900-1968
Dunbow/St. Joseph High River, AB 1884-1922
Ermineskin Hobbema, AB 1934-1969
Holy Angels Fort Chippewayan, AB 1900-1974
Immaculate Conception/Blood/St. Mary Cardston (Standoff), AB 1898-1973
Sacred Heart Brocket, AB 1887-1961
St. Augustine Smoky River, AB 1900-1907
St. Bernard Grouard, AB 1894-1957
St. Bruno Joussard, AB 1913-1969
St. Francis Xavier Sturgeon Lake/Calais, AB 1905-1961
St. Henry Fort Vermilion, AB 1903-1968
St. Martin Desmarais, AB 1901-1973
Kootenay/St. Eugene Cranbrook, BC 1929-1969
Christie/Clayoquot Kakawis, BC 1938-1969
Kamloops/St. Eugene Kamloops, BC 1890-1969
Kuper Island Kuper Island, BC 1957-1969
St. Bruno Lejac, BC 1917-1969
St. John Lower Post, BC 1951-1975
St. Mary Mission, BC 1867-1969
St. Paul North Vancouver, BC 1899-1959
St. Augustine Sechelt, BC 1924-1969
St. Joseph/Cariboo William’s Lake, BC 1891-1969
Notre Dame de Lourdes Fort Alexander, MB 1905-1970
Pine Creek Camperville, MB 1890-1960
St. Joseph Cross Lake, MB 1912-1969
St. Therese de L’Enfant Jesus Guy Hill, MB 1926-1971
Sandy Bay Sandy Bay, MB 1905-1970
Assiniboia Winnipeg, MB 1958-1969
Immaculate Conception Aklavik, NT 1926-1959
Sacred Heart Fort Providence, NT 1906-1960
St. Joseph Fort Resolution, NT 1903-1957
Shubenacadie Halifax, NS 1955-1967
St. Marguerite Fort Frances, ON 1906-1969
St. Mary Kenora, ON 1897-1969
McIntosh/Immaculate Conception McIntosh, ON 1925-1969
St. Anne Fort Albany, ON 1906-1970
St. Therese de L’Enfant Jesus Fort George, QC 1937-1978
Sacred Heart Beauval, SK 1897-1969
St. Henri Delmas, SK 1901-1948
St. Michael Duck Lake, SK 1894-1969
Qu’Appelle Lebret, SK 1884-1969
Muscowegan Lestock, SK 1899-1969
Cowessess Marieval, SK 1898-1969
St. Anthony Onion Lake, SK 1934-1969
St. Phillip St. Phillips, SK 1928-1969
Sturgeon Landing Sturgeon Landing, SK 1926-1952

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