How to “Google” your Vocation


How to “Google” your Vocation

Have you ever found yourself in a lively conversation with your friends, when someone asked the question that nobody really knew the right answer to it? Then someone suggested, “Just google it!” Modern technology present to us opportunities to expend our knowledge literally through the device in our hands. The information might not always be accurate or even truthful, but the internet is certainly a tool that might be helpful to, at least, start the research.

But can we really “google” the answers to significant questions in life, such as our purpose or vocation in life? Probably not! However, we can use the tools at hand to seek the answers in very social, respectful and private settings. That’s why our Vocation Team offers a virtual space to all discerners who are pursuing God’s call in their lives. Our new Facebook Group for discerners gives an opportunity for likeminded young men who discern missionary vocation as an Oblate priest or brother. If you are one of them, you are more than welcome to join this group:

Group Description:

Welcome to the Oblate Vocations – OMI Lacombe Canada Facebook Group! This community was created to connect, support and accompany in discernment journey young Catholic men (18-40 years of age), who are interested in Oblate religious and missionary life.

This community is facilitated by OMI Lacombe Canada Vocation Team: Fr. Jarek Pachocki OMI (Vocation Director), Fr. Susai Jesu OMI (West), Serena Shaw (Oblate Associate), Fr. Arokia Vijay Deivanayagam OMI (Central) and Fr. Richard Beaudette OMI (East).

We actively moderate this community, so if you need us, just tag us in a post, and we will respond as soon as possible. We are so glad you are part of this Facebook group, and while you’re here, we encourage you to:

  • Share uplifting stories with your fellow community members
  • Ask the questions you might have been discerning your call in life
  • Seek advice, support, and prayer for the challenges you encounter in life

Group Rules:

The health of our Facebook Group culture is critically important to all of us, and we need your help to keep it positive. Please:

  • Participate in a kind and collaborative way, and exercise respect and consideration while here
  • Avoid making any posts or comments that could offend your fellow discerners
  • Avoid private messaging other members to demean, harass, or be unkind
  • Respect the privacy of other members of the group, and refrain from sharing screenshots outside the group

Should we find that you are not adhering to these values, we reserve the right to remove you from the group. So please help us keep our culture healthy. Thank you.

By Jarek Pachocki, OMI
Vocation Director