Joint Session: Pilgrimage through the Canada-United States Region


Joint Session: Pilgrimage through the Canada-United States Region

After wrapping up the orientation session for the new Major Superiors in Rome, we’re packing our light pilgrim gear again and heading to the Canada – United States Region. Over the next few weeks, all members of the Central Government will be visiting the Oblates and members of the charismatic family in this region. Our pilgrimage will culminate with the joint session scheduled from July 7th to 13th in Washington, DC. We’ll be journeying with the brothers from a region that has made significant contributions to the history of our Congregation and continues to do so today with personnel, experience, and other resources for our common mission.

Learning and Sharing with the Charismatic Family

We are excited to learn and share with our charismatic family how this region is tackling missionary challenges with hope, in a context marked by secularization that demands that we rethink our lives and actions. We’re keen to learn how they sustain their work with Indigenous peoples and various immigrant communities, their approaches to cultural diversity while welcoming new missionaries, and how they’ve transformed difficult experiences into efforts for reconciliation, justice, and peace in the societies they serve. This region has a lot to share from its experience in various fields of missionary work, lay participation in the common charism, responsible resource management, and much more. It’s also a region with needs that must be addressed within the global context of our Congregation and in light of the directives of the latest General Chapter.

Invitation to the Charismatic Family
In short, this new pilgrimage will be a blessing for everyone. So, I invite all Oblates and members of the charismatic family to join us in prayer and follow our journey through the updates we’ll be sharing on our social media platforms. We’re all pilgrims of hope in communion. Thank you.

By Luis Ignacio Rois Alonso, OMI

Published on the OMI World website