Letter addressed to the Oblate Brothers of the Congregation


Letter addressed to the Oblate Brothers of the Congregation


On the feast of Saint Joseph, the General Committee of the Oblate Brothers wishes to send you this letter. Saint Joseph is the protector of the Congregation and the patron of the Brothers Oblate. The New Testament talked only about St. Joseph’s dreams while sleeping.

Joseph was able to listen God speaking to him. We could relate it with C.31: “…maintaining within ourselves an atmosphere of silence and inner peace, we seek his presence in the hearts of the people and in the events of daily life as well as in the Word of God, in the sacraments and in prayer…”  On this feast, the Committee would like to listen to the Brothers Oblate of the Congregation.

As you know, the General Committee of the Oblate Brothers was born from the dream of the General Chapter in 2004.  The committee met for the first time in October 2006 in Rome.  The main goal of the Committee is to offer to the Superior General some suggestions, reflections and initiatives to help him considering the importance of the life and mission of the Brothers Oblate and of the whole congregation. The Committee works for the promotion of the vocation of the Brothers Oblate in the Congregation, giving recommendations regarding formation, etc…

Prayer to St. Joseph for Oblate Brothers

How about you? What do you expect from the Committee? What should be its guideline?

For the work guideline, the Committee draws on the 2015 document: “Identity and Mission of the Religious Brother in the Church”. From November 18 to December 8, 2020, the General Committee of the Oblate Brothers and 2 delegates from each region will meet in Aix-en-Provence to work on the Identity and Mission of the Brother Oblate.

According to you what are the essential points of the Identity and of the Mission of the Oblate Brothers, please summarize your points in a few lines.

Thank you in advance for your attention to this short questionnaire.

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Please send your response, before July 1, 2020, to the email address: scob.cpf@gmail.com or to the regional delegate of the committee.

On this feast of Saint Joseph, let us ask him for the grace to know how to dream while always seeking the will of God. And in this time of the Covid-19 pandemic, let us dare to be its men of silence who act in the service of the people around us.

Happy Feast to all.
Permanent Secretary for the General Committee of the Oblate Brothers