Living A Balanced Life


Living A Balanced Life

Can someone really be raised from the dead? It depends on how they are dead. I understand that this is a miracle; I am not denying that. However, it is important to understand the miracle within the parable in the Gospel reading for this coming Sunday.

We have a distraught father who approaches Jesus to come and heal his dying daughter. However, as they get near, the word is spreading that she is already dead. Now, one could assume that she really hadn’t died; maybe her vital signs were undetectable. I would suggest that there is another interpretation. I believe she appeared dead because she, or rather her parents, had not been living their lives well; she was spiritually dead because of how they were living their lives. Notice that Jesus asks only the mother, father, and those with him to stay. Jesus knows what this child needs. She needs parents who will believe and share their faith with her, parents who will feed her. Moreover, Jesus knows exactly what her parents need. Now, this is the child of a synagogue leader; what does this have to do with the story? Remember that Jesus came back to challenge us to live better lives; many of those within the Church were not doing that. They had become fixated on rules and hierarchy; they were not focusing on relationships and those who needed help from the community. This family was likely missing a relationship with God, which would enable them to be in right relationship with others.

Jesus will do anything for us, including giving up his life. We read about this in the reading of 2 Corinthians. However, he expects the same from us. It will never be enough to read scripture out of context, to fixate on the canon or catechism of our faith. We must go out and live the life Jesus has challenged us to. This means ensuring we all have the same ability to be seen within our community. He is not asking us to give up everything so that we have nothing; he wants us all to be equal “…in order that there may be a fair balance.” (2 Corinthians 8:14). We must live our faith well to have a fair balance. Without a fair balance, we can never accomplish God’s will.

Knowing the canon and the catechism is essential, and Paul commends the Corinthians for this. But he says it is not enough without giving our lives for others; we must have balance. Without focusing on right relationship, we can appear to be dead, and we certainly will not be able to accomplish the things that God hopes for us. Only by living our lives with this intention will we be able to discern what God is calling us to.

By Serena Shaw