Moving from seeds to creation


Moving from seeds to creation

We invite you to participate in a month-long challenge inspired by the Laudato Si’ Goals. This
reflective journey bridges two key events: Laudato Si’ Week 2024, themed “Seeds of Hope,” and the

Season of Creation 2024, under the banner “To Hope and Act with Creation.”
Share your stories, photos, or videos with us on social media and inspire others with your journey.

Consider examples of how to respond to the goals below.


Response to the Cry of the Earth:

  • Save Energy: Challenge yourself to reduce your energy use by making mindful adjustments. How often can you turn off the lights to enjoy the stars or moon? Consider swapping the heater for extra blankets. Set realistic targets based on your past usage and explore how these small changes can lead to significant energy savings.
  • Grow Green: Convert available spaces into gardens. Join a community garden initiative and learn about practices like regenerative agriculture through our online workshops.

Need an example? Young people flock to cultivate Laudato Si’ Garden in the Diocese of Ladispoli, Italy.

Response to the Cry of the Poor:

  • Empower Through Dedication: Support programs that tackle the roots of social inequality. Invest your time in skills training and sustainable business initiatives that uplift vulnerable communities.
  • Revitalize Unused Spaces: Transform unused areas into active community centers or shelters for those who are vulnerable. Share the impact stories of those helped through your contributions.

Need an example? United States parish collects gently used clothing and household items free of charge to the needy and reduces use of landfills.

Ecological Economics:

  • Support Local: Commit to buying from local producers and smallscale farmers. Strengthen your community’s economy and reduce environmental impact by
    fostering direct relationships with vendors.
  • Choose Sustainable: Opt for products made from recycled and sustainably sourced materials. Promote policies within your community that prioritize these

Need an example? The Salesian Sisters of Don Bosco in South Sudan craft a circular economy by using waste plastic bottles for sustainable construction.

Adoption of Sustainable Lifestyles:

  • Plant-Based Diet: Explore the benefits of reducing meat consumption. Try our easy plant based recipes and participate in meatless days to enhance your
    health and protect the planet.
  • Eliminate Single-Use Plastics: Join our challenge to cut down on plastic and styrofoam use. We provide tips and alternatives to help you transition smoothly.

Need an example? Flavio Nakaoka transforms a large festival in Brazil into an eco-friendly event.

Ecological Education:

  • Youth Leadership: Encourage young people to lead ecological projects. Support their initiatives through our ‘Laudato Si’ Champions’ program and recognize their efforts with awards and public acknowledgment.
  • Integrate Ecology into Learning: Promote human rights and environmental stewardship in educational settings. Ensure climate change discussions are part of your curriculum.

Need an example? I stress to my students to take action now on this journey toward full sustainability, declares an Australian school teacher.

Ecological Spirituality:

  • Interfaith Dialogues: Participate in discussions with other faith communities about ecological and social initiatives. Learn from each other and collaborate on
    community projects.
  • Spiritual Practices: Incorporate Laudato Si’ themes into your spiritual life through homilies, retreats, and special masses that reflect local traditions and
    ecological concerns.

Need an example? Bishop Daisuke Narui, SVD, of the Niigata Diocese in Japan champions environmental stewardship through his own ecological conversion.

Community Resilience and Empowerment:

  • Public Advocacy: Regularly update the community through articles, op-eds, and newsletters about the impact of environmental changes on the vulnerable.
  • Policy Focus: Identify specific environmental and social issues to address. Engage with local decision-makers and the wider community to advocate for
    sustainable change.

Need an example? Read How to Encourage Your Government to Act on Laudate Deum and Philippine Bishops’ Conference Calls for Special Marine Protection

Blessed are those who nurture these seeds into growth, for they are the gardeners of a sustainable future. May this challenge cultivate a vibrant ecosystem where
diverse species—ideas, cultures, and dreams—contribute to the health of the whole.

Together, let us tend to this common home, watering it with our efforts and dedication, and watch as it grows into a testament of what can be achieved when we unite in purpose.