OIP Launches a Net Zero Climate Transition Portfolio


OIP Launches a Net Zero Climate Transition Portfolio

The OIP is an Investment Trust, established by the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate, it provides faith consistent investment management of the long-term financial assets of the Oblate Congregation and of Roman Catholic related organizations, ministries, religious orders and dioceses located throughout the world. The OIP Investment Trust is a United States domiciled nonprofit tax-exempt charitable trust.

The Oblate Investment Trust understands its dual responsibility: to excel in fund management, ensuring favorable financial returns for participants, which enable the missionary activities of Oblates throughout the world, while also promoting positive impact through its investment strategy–promoting good and not just avoiding harm!

In 2024, the OIP Investment Trust unveiled a new initiative: a net-zero climate transition portfolio to reduce carbon emissions across industries. This innovative approach involves actively engaging with companies (which have shown some goodwill), including those previously avoided, to advocate for and incentivize positive climate action. By setting and monitoring change-goals, the trust aims to reward them through on-going investments in these types of companies that recognize the importance of climate change initiatives within the process of making profit.

We acknowledge that the spirit of Laudato Si calls us to a community engagement process, which builds human relationships within business-activity and places ‘mutual-benefit’ as an integral principle for successful business activity in the long-term.

We realize the need to engineer solutions that benefit the poor and our Common Home.  The disconnect between business activity and the quantum of resources it consumes can be bridged by entering into an engaged relationship where we begin to see each other as equals.

This initiative is a short reflection on how our investment strategy is aligned to implementing the 2022 General Chapter, which called us to recognize how the principles of Laudato Si relate to our own Oblate Charism in the world today.

By Charles Rensburg, OMI

Published on the OMI World website