Pope’s World Day of Peace message focuses on “culture of care”


Pope’s World Day of Peace message focuses on “culture of care”

Francis offers the Church’s social doctrine as a “compass” to foster peace

Pope Francis in his message for the Catholic Church’s World Day of Peace called on the international community and every individual to foster a “culture of care” by advancing on the “path of fraternity, justice and peace between individuals, communities, peoples and nations.”

The Vatican on Thursday issued the pope’s message for the 54th World Day of Peace, held 1 January 2021. That message stressed that “There can be no peace without a culture of care.”

The pope calls for “a common, supportive and inclusive commitment to protecting and promoting the dignity and good of all, a willingness to show care and compassion, to work for reconciliation and healing, and to advance mutual respect and acceptance.”

He offers the principles of the Church’s social doctrine as a compass to foster peace.

Pope Francis begins his message about the “massive COVID-19 health crisis” and asks political leaders and the private sector to spare no effort to ensure access to vaccines and to the essential technologies needed to care for the sick, the poor and those who are most vulnerable.

The pope also talks of various forms of nationalism, racism and xenophobia, and wars and conflicts that bring only death and destruction. These and other events of 2020, he says, have underscored the importance of caring for one another and for creation in our efforts to build a more fraternal society.

Hence, “A Culture of Care as a Path to Peace” is a “way to combat the culture of indifference, waste and confrontation so prevalent in our time,” he said.

“A Culture of Care as a Path to Peace” is the theme of the pope’s message, addressed to heads of state and government, leaders of international organizations, spiritual leaders and followers of the different religions, and to men and women of good will.

This culture of care of the Church, enriched by the reflection of the Fathers and the charity of many witnesses to the faith, became the “beating heart of the Church’s social doctrine” Pope Francis said. This can serve as a “grammar’ of care: commitment to promoting the dignity of each human person, solidarity with the poor and vulnerable, the pursuit of the common good and concern for the protection of creation.”

Pope St. Paul VI established World Day of Peace by in 1967 and it was first observed on 1 January 1968. That day, the Church also celebrates the solemn feast of Mary, Mother of God.

Click here for the full text of the pope’s World Day of Peace message.

By La Croix International Staff

Published on the La Croix website.