Rome: Meeting of The Ad Hoc Restructuring Committee


Rome: Meeting of The Ad Hoc Restructuring Committee

The objectives of the meeting were to review, in the light of the letter and questionnaire of the Superior General, the proposals on restructuring that were presented to the Congregation in 2010. In his Letter and questionnaire regarding restructuring the Superior writes,

“I would like to continue the discussion which I already initiated in my previous letter on the occasion 197th anniversary of the papal approval of our Constitutions and Rules, as mandated by step one (1) to envision new structures that may serve the mission of our Congregation. To respond to the call of the General Chapter, besides some proposals, I gave in the said letter for our common pilgrimage, we need to continue asking ourselves sincerely about the status quo of our community life and mission, and how we can renew our community life and mission. Which kind of governance structures would be adequate?”

Correspondingly, the committee discussed strategies on how to manage the data that will come out of the responses to the questionnaire to achieve a synodal process. After gathering the data, the committee will meet again in April 2024 to study the gathered data and to put together some concrete structural proposals to be presented to the Superior General in Council for his continuing engagement with the entire Congregation.

We encourage everyone to respond generously to the Superior General’s questionnaire which can be downloaded here.

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