Where to from here?


Where to from here?

In the Scripture passages for this Sunday, both Jeremiah and Peter are unhappy with the circumstances in which they find themselves. Jeremiah rails against God: “You seduced me, and I allowed myself to be seduced”. And yet, in the midst of his complaining, Jeremiah recognizes that there is something at work deep within his being. Even though he kicks against his role as prophet, he cannot quit responding to God’s call. There is something within his being that cannot be held it – it explodes from him, and Jeremiah cannot keep it inside. He must proclaim God’s message; no amount of opposition, derision or persecution can turn him aside from his relationship with God and his mission given to him by God. The status quo, acceptance by his peers, nothing can prevent him from continuing and deepening his relationship with God.

Peter remonstrates with Jesus when his vision of the Messiah doesn’t match Jesus’ description of his own future as Messiah. In Peter’s imagination, the Messiah would be a powerful political leader who would, in some way, transform the world order, freeing Israel from Roman domination. In response, Jesus invites Peter to remember why he followed in the first place: Jesus’ invitation was to a life full of joy, lived in freedom, giving to others.

In the same way as with Jeremiah and Peter, with Abraham and Moses, with all the prophets and so many others who have gone before us in faith, Jesus calls us to look beyond what the world around us recognizes as normal. He entices/provokes us to find the fullness of life by letting go and stepping out into the deep. The fundamental question for each disciple is: where is God calling me? Is God calling me to continue on my present path, continuing with the status quo or is God calling me to something new, something radical, something still undreamed of? Is there something deep inside (like for Jeremiah) that clamours for release? As we ponder that question, we need to remember God’s promises to Abraham, Moses, Jeremiah, Peter and all God’s people: “I am with you, walking with you, showing you the way, guiding you along the way, always holding you up”. Trusting that promise gives the freedom to let go and follow Jesus wherever he calls us.

By Richard Beaudette, OMI
Vocation Team