Oblate Mission in Kenya


Oblate Mission in Kenya

Farm manager Euticus with water tank

Water is life!

Kisaju is in a semi-arid place.  The church, school and town need to dig boreholes for water.  Kiirua Farm has fluctuating rainfall and needs better water storage tanks for the livestock and crops.

You can help bring life-giving water!

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Oblate Mission in Kenya

An international group of Oblates continues to oversee and further the mission in Kenya initiated by the Canadian Oblates in 1995. From the initial water project designed to provide water to 3,300 families, the mission has since grown to assist in the startup of a bakery co-operative, a duka (lumber shop), and a posha mill (grinding of corn/maize). The group has assisted in enhancing the spiritual, emotional and physical life of the Kenyan people. Through their presence and charism, many young men are presently studying and discerning their vocation to religious life as a missionary Oblate. Kenyan Oblates have been ordained and many are presently in formation.

In addition to the parish in Kionyo, a new parish has been established in Kisaju and the Oblates are involved in the many prayer houses in the parishes and empowering the parishioners. Donations from MAMI members have enabled the Oblates to assist in the education of children through the building of schools, purchasing of desks, chairs, school supplies, and computers. Health clinics have also had assistance from the Oblates and donations from MAMI members. The Oblates are also involved in prison ministry.

Fr. Faustin connects with the people